NEARWAY® recognizes that its customers and users want to know about the privacy of their data. NEARWAY® offers this privacy policy to help you make an informed decision about whether to use or continue to use our service. If you do not agree with our practices, please do not use our service. This privacy policy is incorporated into and subject to the NEARWAY® terms of service.

What does this privacy policy cover?

Through this document NEARWAY® undertakes to safeguard all the information that it may collect through our website and Android and iOS applications. In addition, it is intended to inform about what the data and personal information provided by its users are and how they are used.

1. Personal data we collect about you

These tables set out the categories of personal data that we collect and use.
Data collected when you update your personal information
Category Description
User data Personal data we need when updating your personal information. This may include your:
  • Number
  • Surname
  • E-mail address
  • Phone Number
Data collected through the use of Nearway applications
Category Description
Usage data This is the personal data that is collected when you access or use Nearway. They include some types of information that are detailed in the following sections. Information about answers and how you use Nearway Some examples are:
  • Your actionswith the   Nearway Service (including date and time), for example:
    • Campaign responses (Forms, News, Schedule Control, or another campaign associated with your user)
    •  Setting up your profile
  • Content you post anywhere on the NearwayService, such as images, text, and other types of content.
Your technical data Some examples are:
  • URL Information
  • Online identifiers, such as cookie data and IP addresses
  • Information about the devices you use, such as:
    • Device ID
    • Network connection type (e.g. wifi, 4G, LTE)
    • Supplier
    • Network and device performance
    • Browser type
    • Language
    • Operating system
    • Nearway app version
Connection data We may obtain information about your IP address and data from your internet connection
  • In order to locate your general location (Not required) for the security and control of connections to our systems in case a user commits any violation of our terms and conditions
Precise location data When you use the Nearwayapps, we may use GPS technology (or other similar technology) to determine your precise current location in order to respond to campaigns, validate location against a point of interest, or display your location on a map. If you do not want us to use your location for the purposes set out above, you can disable location services for the mobile application located in your mobile phone settings.
Background location data When you use the Nearway applications and with your prior authorization, we may use GPS technology (or other similar technology) to obtain your precise location in the background in order to display information associated with your daily route on a map. If you do not want us to use your location for the purposes set out above, you can disable location services and/or permissions associated with the app.
Information about installed applications  We may, with your prior consent, collect information from applications installed on your device in order to establish and identify applications that manipulate the precise location. This information is sent to  Nearway systems to proceed with manual review, which may trigger that the use of Nearway will not be allowed while these applications are working.
StorageWhen using the Nearway applications, access to the shared storage of the device is requested prior to authorization. With this we can store in this shared space the photographs taken using the Nearway application. At no time can we enter the image gallery unless you give specific permission from the user to upload photographs from the gallery.
Usted only allows us to access public carpets and not all device storage.
In addition, the use of memory is also necessary to store the information from the forms associated with the user, which allows you to work without an internet connection.

2. How and what we use your data for

Purpose of the processing of your data Categories of personal data used for the purpose
To offer the NearwayService.
  • User data
  • Usage data
  • Connection data
  • Precise location data
  • Background location data
  • Information about installed applications
To understand, diagnose and troubleshoot problems, as well as correct those that arise when using Nearway.
  • User data
  • Usage data
  • Connection data
To evaluate and develop new features, technologies and improvements associated with the Nearwayservice.
  • User data
  • Usage data
To comply with legal obligations and law enforcement requests.
  • User data
  • Usage data
To establish, exercise or defend legal claims.
  • User data
  • Usage data
To make plans, reports and commercial projections.
  • User data
  • Usage data
  • Connection data
To detect and prevent fraud, including fraudulent use of the NearwayService.
  • User data
  • Usage data
  • Connection data
  • Information about installed applications

3. How we share your personal data

This section sets out the categories of recipients of the personal data we collect or generate through your use of the NearwayService. Information available to platforms and administrators. The personal data below will be available to the administrator(s) of your platform associated with the Nearway service through the means of administration provided by  Nearway.
  • Your profile picture
  • Your profile information
  • Responses to campaigns
  • Content you post when responding to a campaign, such as images, text, or other content.
Personal data you can choose to share We will only share the following personal data withaq uellos described in the table below, as long as you choose, grant your permission or give your consent.
  • Precise or non-precise location, with the prior consent of the user.
  • Precise or non-precise location in the background, with the prior consent of the user.
Categories of recipients Reason to share
Platform Administrators To meet geographic requirements, optimize processes or generate management reports within Nearwaysystems.

4. Data retention and deletion

Retention We retain your personal data only as long as necessary to provide you with the NearwayService, and for Nearway’s legitimate and essential business purposes,  for example:
  • Maintain Nearway Service performance.
  • Maintain consistency ofinformation associated with reports.
  • Make data-driven business decisions about new features.
  • Comply with our legal obligations.
  • Resolve disputes.
Elimination We will delete the information recorded to the extent required by our customer or administrator of your platform associated with the Nearwayservice, unless we are obliged to retain a portion or we still needto use them for alegally justifiable reason. Here are some examples of situations where we are legally authorised or obliged to retain some of your personal data:
  • In case there is an unresolved issue related to your account, such as anunresolved claim or dis whore
  • For our legal, tax or audit obligations.
  • For our legitimate business interests, such as fraud prevention or for the purpose of maintaining security.

5. Advertising

NEARWAY® undertakes never to integrate advertising of any kind. We are not in favour of intrusive advertising.

6. Changes to this Policy 

This document may be amended periodically and this is reflected in the “update date”. Please revisit this page to be aware of any changes. Your continued use of NEARWAY® constitutes acceptance of this privacy policy and any future amendments.

7. How to contact us

If you have questions or comments about this privacy policy or terms and conditions of service, please contact NEARWAY® via email

Date of last update: July 18, 2023